Review Time! Sky in the Deep

Sky in the Deep Adrienne Young Why hello there! My name is Kendra, I’m That Reader Girl, and today I’m coming at you with my first blog book review. The book I’m reviewing is Sky in the Deep by Adrienne Young. Before reading this review, I need to say a few things. First: I’m sorry … Continue reading Review Time! Sky in the Deep

Sky in the Deep

Adrienne Young

Why hello there! My name is Kendra, I’m That Reader Girl, and today I’m coming at you with my first blog book review.

The book I’m reviewing is Sky in the Deep by Adrienne Young. Before reading this review, I need to say a few things.

First: I’m sorry if I roast this book and it happens to be your favorite book of all time. No hard feelings. I can have my favorite book and you can have yours.

Second: I went into this book with super high expectations so my review may be a little harsh because of that. I almost never go into books with expectations so this may seem a little critical.

The way this review is organized is in different sections. The first section is for characters. Each Character has his or her own section and description. Then, we have a section for plot. In this section, it explains a little of how the plot went, and why or why no I liked it. This section has all the story’s content. The next section is writing. It discusses my thoughts on the author’s writing style and what I liked about it, and then what I didn’t. The final sections are my favorite and least favorite parts of the book. Of course, these are all my opinions and if you disagree, feel free to tell me! Just please don’t be rude or send hate. I’m trying to radiate positive vibes, and share my opinion.

Now, Spoilers Ahead!!!!

So, I rated Sky in the Deep 3.5 out of 5 stars. If I had to round it to a whole number, I’d probably round it down to 3 stars. Here’s why, the plot was slow all through the middle and I wasn’t deeply attached to the characters, though I did enjoy the large amount of character development.


Eelyn: Eelyn is not a terrible character. I really enjoy her ferocious personality and loyalty in the beginning. However, after all the battles happen and she is taken by the Riki clan, her long bout of depression is so annoying. Originally, I didn’t mind it. I love when characters are in pain or are struggling. However, Adrienne Young dragged it out so much. I was a little less than halfway through and I really didn’t care what was going on with her, because I knew it had something to do with how much she was struggling without her family. In Eelyn’s character, I was looking for a bit more of a “badass.” But I really loved how at the end she was so ready to accept the Riki, even if they didn’t accept her. And I like how she fought for what she wanted and let herself trust people. In other books, it’s hard to find characters who trust so blatantly after such a short amount of time. I did find it interesting though how much pride and honor went into these characters. I loved how when Eelyn was forced into the collar, her entire world seemed to crumble. However, she stayed crumbled for too long. She didn’t fight it as much as I had hoped she would. Not gonna lie, I wish she was more like Aelin at the end of Empire of Storms when she refused to count the lashes.

Iri: Iri is kinda cool I guess. I didn’t mind the whole betrayal thing. And I really liked his relationship with Fiske. I just didn’t really care that much about his character. Normally when I read about brothers and sisters I get really into it, but this time, I just didn’t care much for their relationship. I was just wondering how he was able to go into battle and kill his old family, the Aska. That still shocks me a little bit. Yes, he may have accepted the Riki as his family, but I did not enjoy how he so easily moved on. Of course, we don’t see him through his original transformation into a member of the Riki clan so it may have been more challenging in the five years we didn’t hear anything about.

Fiske: When we first meet Fiske, he is this big monster man who shoots and Eelyn and it looks as though he doesn’t kill her just so he can use her as a dyr. But we later learn that he is actually a big sweetie who wears his heart so openly on his sleeve. That’s something I really liked about the characters in this book. Yes, they were brought up to be strong in battle and with pain, but they love so openly and aren’t afraid to show it. I think that was really different from what I’ve read in the past. I also love the reason he saved Iri. He felt it would be wrong to let him die and I loved the humanizing of the enemy.

Halvard: This kid is so cute. He doesn’t understand why Inge and Fiske and Iri are so worried about having her, and he just openly is like, “Hey! You’re kind of cool! Wanna be friends?” And he is so ready to have Eelyn as a friend and member of his family. He was honestly one of my favorite characters. I think this is because he was so pure of heart and young, and not hardened by war yet.

Inge: I hated Inge at the beginning. She just rubbed me the wrong way. She was harsh and forced Eelyn to eat apart, even though she was a dyr. But then as the story progressed, I learned to enjoy her a little more because it was clear she wasn’t a bad person and literally just wanted Eelyn out of her house, so she could live safely again. And when she gives Eelyn all the opportunities to escape, I really started to like her.

Myra: Now, I wasn’t going to include Myra, but I found I had to. She was such a strong character and I really loved her. We don’t see much of her, but when we do, I love how she truly cares about Eelyn’s family because they took her in. I love how she fought with Eelyn and protected her no matter what even after she had fought for the Riki. I also liked how she was determined to stay true to herself. Even though Eelyn and Fiske were close, I liked how even more than her family, she wanted to stay true to her own ideals. Although I wish she had accepted the change of things easier, I’m glad we finally saw some rebellion in someone.


So, I liked this book.

However, it was a little, slow and uninteresting as I got farther into it. I wasn’t even halfway through and I was very done with everything. The entire middle section of the book was just character development and I found I didn’t care that this character was sad for ninety pages. Also, through the entire middle of the book, we were just talking about her experience at the Riki village which was all really repetitive. Finally, at 100 pages left, the village was attacked by the other clan. And with 20 pages left, we finally got the battle we had been waiting for.

When I read the first few chapters, I thought it would be really interesting. The first paragraph is literally the Aska clan running into battle. And it’s all really epic. I also really enjoyed how quick the beginning was. Right away we found Iri and Eelyn were chasing after him. But in the middle, as I said before, it was super slow and I found I didn’t care for the characters anymore. I found myself skimming through most of the middle and even the ending. By the time I got there, I didn’t care much. But I really liked the almost ending when she was reunited with her father and Myra. It made me really happy to see this big monster man break down when he saw his daughter was safe.

Also, the entire book, we literally only hear about how Eelyn is in pain. Like actually, every other page at least once it says that her shoulder hurt. While again, I liked the more human feel it gave her, it still annoyed me. Like, I don’t care that her shoulder hurts. I understand he was very injured and I appreciate the fact that you are giving it a real feeling to it, but still didn’t care.


So the writing was decent. I actually liked it at the beginning and the end. In the beginning, we get this bomb ass character who runs into battle and it fills her with life. And we see how she is human as well, almost immediately when she sees Iri. However, once she got captured, she was pretty boring. She became and dyr, and she kind of folded in on herself. I think this is because we needed more character development than this fighting warrior. I did enjoy the character development though and the fact that she wasn’t like many protagonists you see who can control everything and never lets an emotion slip. However, from pages 50-250 nothing was happening but character development. I feel like this book could have been compacted into 100 pages total. But at the end, I liked how we saw Eelyn get back into her fighting self. I just think the author rushed into the beginning too much and didn’t offer enough development, and then left it all crammed in the middle, then pulled everything back together in 25 pages. Although I probably wouldn’t read a sequel to this book, I think it would have been better suited as a duology. That way, Adrienne Young could include more battles and the character development could have been more spread out through the book.

Favorite Part:

My favorite part was definitely the end when Eelyn, Myra, Fiske, and Eelyn’s father come to the Riki village. I loved when Halvard ran up and hugged Fiske, and then didn’t hesitate to hug Eelyn. Obviously, Halvard was my favorite character, but his little bouts of innocence and love made me so happy. I think this is the only part of the book that I actually read in depth more than once.

Least Favorite Part:

Honestly, the whole middle? I didn’t hate it no, the book was good, but I was looking for more action going into this book, and I didn’t find it.

So thank you all for reading my short review of Sky in the Deep. This review was written while and after I read the book, so it was all fresh in my mind. If you have any recommendations for how I can improve my reviews, please let me know. I’d love to get better.

After all this, everyone, have a lovely day.


Remember, you are beautifully and wonderfully made.

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