Review Time! TIGHT

*I was given a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a review and participation in the TIGHT blog tour.

Why hello there! My name is Kendra, I’m That Reader Girl, and today I’m coming at you with a review of TIGHT by Torrey Maldonado.

This review is not organized the way my reviews normally are. Instead there are a few paragraphs on my thought on this book. Of course, these are all my opinions and if you disagree, feel free to tell me! Just please don’t be rude and send hate. I’m trying to radiate positive vibes while sharing my opinion.

Now, NO Spoilers Ahead.


Torrey Maldonado

Drama free. That’s how Bryan likes to live his life. Go to school, go to Ma’s work, read comics, maybe draw some characters, then go home. But despite his mother’s desperate attempts, living in a drama free world won’t work out where Bryan lives, and his father has no desire to let his son live a sheltered life and go “soft.” That’s when Mike comes into his life. Mike seems smart and sweet, but underneath he’s tough and his ideas of “a chill time” include ditching school and leaving town. While Bryan has never been into purposefully seeking out trouble, when his father is sent back to jail, he finally gives in, letting Mike drag him into doing risky things. However, everything starts to spiral downwards and Mike is beginning to go too far. Luckily, Bryan has his superheroes to help guide him into the right decisions and save the day.

I haven’t read a middle grade book since I was in middle school myself, and even then, they were few and far between. However, Tight by Torrey Maldonado was a great book that I would have read over and over when I was young. The characters were so diverse, yet almost all of them were relatable. Twenty-first century culture was very prevalent and I enjoyed reading a book that was written as if it was truly being spoken by a sixth grader in 2018. I sped through this book not because it was an easy read, but because it was an enjoyable story from cover to cover.

One of my favorite parts was honestly the relationships between the characters. They were brilliantly crafted and I loved as they changed and grew. Putting pressure on relationships and forcing people into doing things they don’t want was so powerful in this book. Between both Mike and Bryan, and Bryan and his dad. I think the author did such an amazing job illustrating the effects of giving into bad peer pressure and did an equally good job showing how some peer pressure is good and encourages growth. The relationships between family was also very rich and similar to the way families work in culture today. The fighting of parents and the stress it puts on the children and their lives was so clear. Again, Torrey Maldonado did a great job making sure these things got noticed and their effects didn’t get skimmed.

Another thing that blew me away when reading this book, was the very up to date culture references. Words such as “lit” or “mad” or even “tight,” really made this book come alive for me. While I didn’t understand what some of the “words” meant, I did enjoy them. If you don’t know most of the slang, I would recommend taking it slowly to immerse yourself into the story. You won’t be disappointed. Reading this as someone who doesn’t really understand this type of language it was a challenge, but after a few chapters, I found the pages flying by.

Not only were the characters important in relationships, but as individuals. Torrey Maldonado did a fantastic ajob making sure each character had his own identity and story. I adored the character arcs that most of the characters in the story experienced. From the first page to the second I could clearly see how the characters were molding and changing into better or worse versions of themselves.

This book was remarkable and brought forward tough themes and relatable moments. The struggles that the characters fought through brought an interesting light to the story. So much conversation could be brought from this book. The entire story definitely shaped up to be sweet, inspiring, and educational in the ways that some places in the world work. Overall, I rated this book four out of five stars, and I definitely recommend it to anyone out there who is ready for a darling story.

So thank you all for reading my short review of TIGHT. This review was written while and after I read the book, so it was all fresh in my mind. If you have any recommendations for how I can improve my reviews, please let me know. I’d love to get better.

After all this, everyone, have a lovely day.


Remember, you are beautifully and wonderfully made.

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