Review Time! Heartless


Marissa Meyer

Why hello there! My name is Kendra, I’m That Reader Girl, and today I’m coming at you with a book review for Heartless by Marissa Meyer.

The way this review is organized is in different sections. The first section is for characters. Each Character has his or her own section and description. Then, we have a section for plot. In this section, it explains a little of how the plot went, and why or why no I liked it. This section has all the story’s content. The next section is writing. It discusses my thoughts on the author’s writing style and what I liked about it, and then what I didn’t. The final sections are my favorite and least favorite parts in the book. Of course, these are all my opinions and if you disagree, feel free to tell me! Just please don’t be rude or send hate. I’m trying to radiate positive vibes, and share my opinion.

Now, Spoilers Ahead!!!!

I rated Heartless 5 out of 5 stars. Because why wouldn’t I? When I started, I was a little hesitant because I just wasn’t in the mood. But as I continued on, I realized just how “in the mood,” I was, and I finished it within a few days.

Heartless follows our main character Catherine Pinkerton, the daughter of two very high-class people in the Land of Hearts within Wonderland. Her dream is to one day become a renowned baker and open a bakery of her own. However, her parents have decided her destiny is to marry the King of Hearts, a weak man she knows she could never love. Then, at one of the king’s balls, Cath comes into contact with the new court jester who immediately sweeps her off her feet. On the night the king plans to propose, Cath flees and finds herself in the jester’s arms. Together, the two go on adventures to stay true to their hearts, stop the Jabberwock that is threatening Hearts, and maybe find true love in a world of their own.


Cath: What a cool character. I haven’t really read about any characters who love to bake before even though I feel like I should have. But let me tell you, I was left with my mouth watering at the thought of some of Cath’s recipes. But besides that, I loved Cath. She was so sure of what she wanted and it made me really happy to see such a strong character. She fought for everything she wanted constantly, but she also looked out for other people’s best interests. However, she did have a bit of a temper and tended to lash out when she really didn’t need to.

Jest: Dude!!! I was obsessed with Jest. When a character is described as wearing all black and being mysterious, I was expecting a broody character like all the rest. But Jest was such a sweetie. He was so innocent when it comes to girls and he was so genuine it made my heart ache. But at the same time, Jest was so powerful. Not only in the “make the impossible, possible,” but he’s a magnificent warrior and filled with so many twists and turns.

Cath’s Mom: What a poop nugget. I hated how she and her husband were constantly pressuring Cath to do things she had no desire to do. I can’t imagine having parents who were trying to force me to marry someone I was constantly fighting against. Especially when she has such an amazing talent.

The King: He is a dork and a coward. I really had no place in me that liked him. He was afraid of everything and only wanted Catherine. While I like that he clearly did admire and care for Catherine, he did it all the wrong way. He should have never been in power and I’m surprised he hadn’t been overthrown. I was so frustrated with him all the time.

Hatta: I couldn’t make up my mind with Hatta. At the beginning, I liked him. I thought he was a cool dude. But then he was an awful person. However, I did appreciate his and Jest’s friendship. I think he was so worried about his own sanity that he couldn’t make any connections with people or take the time to focus on someone other than himself.

Mary Ann: Mary Ann is another character I was skeptical with. At first, she’s a sweetie who will fight for Cath no matter what, but as she begins to have a little bit of doubt, she crushes everything. I think it was good for Hatta to make her the bonnet, but then she too became rash. At the end, I was not very happy with her at all. Of course, I was always worried about her ruining everything. And then she did. RIP.



This was intense. Actually, I flew through Heartless because I was obsessed with the story line. Normally, I love Alice in Wonderland retellings, but this one was extra magnificent. I liked how this retelling was still set in the normal time of the original Lewis Carrol story, but it was still completely different. From the beginning to the end I was obsessed with the characters and each of their individual stories. Marissa Meyer hit a lot of important points. Although the romantic aspect of the story was the main plot point, the Jabberwock subplot was amazing. I had never though to have the main action be the subplot and I have to say I loved it. Each individual point was crucial. I didn’t feel as though anything was rushed at the end and there was the perfect amount of twists and turns sprinkled throughout the novel. I was absolutely obsessed with the baking theme. And I was smitten by the addition of the different characters.

The ending though was especially my favorite part. The though that nothing in the prophecy would come true was slowly revealed as you went and I actually think that was one of the best parts was the slow revealing of everything. Not the big bang at the end. But let me tell you, Marissa Meyer really ended this novel with a bang. There were little bangs, but at the end it was an explosion of feels and despair.



I loved Marissa Meyer’s writing style. I haven’t read the Lunar chronicles, but I am going to have to soon. When they first came out, I didn’t like the story ideas, but thanks to Heartless revealing Marissa Meyer’s style of writing, I think I’ll have to give it a chance.

One of my favorite parts about her writing is the slow revelation of everything as I mentioned before. Normally in novels you see a slow adventure with a few turns and then everything blows up and is resolved within the last few chapters. However, she did a brilliant job of keeping me interested in the entire thing, and I didn’t want it to end. I also hated the way it ended. Not because of the writing, but because of the immense amount of feels that were thrown on me.


Favorite Part:

The whole thing? No, my favorite part was the end. I know I just said I hated it, but I am still thinking about it a month later. Jest’s death and Cath’s becoming the queen. The entire novel I thought the Queen of Hearts in the Lewis Carrol version had died. But then I came to realize that the queen was actually Cath. It hurt my heart but in the best way.


Least Favorite Part:

The ending? Is it okay to say the ending was my favorite and my least favorite part? The only reason I didn’t like the ending was because of what Marissa Meyer did with other characters like Mary Ann. I didn’t like her change and her betrayal of Cath. And I didn’t like when she did with Hatta.


Most Memorable Part While Reading:

I think it was the ending… again. Or Jest’s and Cath’s first encounter. But probably the ending. I remember reading it and just going back to make sure I had read it correctly.


So thank you all for reading my short review of Heartless. This review was written while and after I read the book, so it was all fresh in my mind. If you have any recommendations for how I can improve my reviews, please let me know. I’d love to get better.

After all this, everyone, have a lovely day.


Remember, you are beautifully and wonderfully made.


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