Camp Songs – To: You, From: Me

*I was given a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for a review and participation in the To Night Owl From Dogfish blog tour.

Why hello there! My name is Kendra, I’m That Reader Girl, and today I’m coming at you with a list of ten camp songs that you all should jam out to while reading To Night Owl From Dogfish.

To Night Owl From Dogfish Synopsis

Avery Bloom is content to keep a quiet indoor life, studying up on vocabulary terms and worrying incessantly about life’s little things. Bett Devlin is a dare devil, ready to take on any change or challenge that she may face… well, any challenge except for a new dad and sister. When Avery and Bett’s fathers fall in love and they are sent off to a sleepaway camp against their will, they agree to do everything it takes to keep their father’s apart, neither wanting this drastic family change in their lives. But when the two girls become friends and everything falls apart at their feet, they must do anything they can to keep their lives together and pull through on their wild summer adventure.

Camp Songs – To: You, From: Me

Although we don’t see a lot of music in Bett and Avery’s camp experience, music is still a huge part of camp life! Sitting around the campfire and singing is one of the most memorable parts of camp with friends. If we had seen any camp music in To Night Owl From Dogfish, the following songs would have been the ones to look out for.

  1. Make New Friends

At the very beginning of the book, Avery and Bett refuse to become friends, both too nervous to have a big family change in their life in fear of losing their old friends and their own fathers. However, in the song “Make New Friends,” we are reminded that it is okay to have new friends and keep the old ones without too big of a change.

  1. Boom Chicka Boom

After their first camp experience, Bett and Avery become extremely close while working at Avery’s mother’s theatre. The song “Boom Chicka Boom” is a song I thought they would enjoy because of the motions and funny imitations that they might have encountered while playing around at the theatre.

  1. Rock the Boat

Although they were told to not “Rock the Boat,” while on one of their last camping trips, Bett decides to rock the boat. And this song just reminded me of that moment, because Bett seemed so confident, and the little moment of hesitation, to me, was Avery helping Bett to realize some of her actions needed to be tamed before someone got hurt.

  1. The Bullfrog and the Butterfly

While neither Avery nor Bett were huge fans of CIGI (Challenge Influence Guide Inspire), they were bound to learn something at this science camp. The song, “The Bullfrog and the Butterfly” is a lesser-known camp song that teaches about metamorphosis. It reminded me of something the two girls would have learned at CIGI.

  1. Da Moose

The song “Da Moose,” is a well-known camp song that I think Avery and Bett would have sang along to around the camp fire with their friends at Far View Tarn. A classic song with a bunch of fun motions that any camp kid would know!

Other Camp Songs:

  1. Bazooka Zooka Bubble Gum
  2. Forty Years on an Ice Berg
  3. The Bear
  4. My Name is Vi
  5. Baby Shark

I absolutely loved To Night Owl From Dogfish. It was a beautifully written book that highlighted relationships, change, and acceptance in so many different ways.

After all this, everyone, have a lovely day.


Remember, you are beautifully and wonderfully made.

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